Sunday, May 8, 2016

Women Targeted by the "Cadillac Tax"

As we end Teacher’s Appreciation Week and head in to Mother’s Day and Women’s Health Week, it’s time to acknowledge the importance of good health coverage that protects the millions of hard working moms, and women, everywhere.  The Affordable Care Act has helped millions to gain access to health insurance. Unfortunately, there’s a provision in the Affordable Care Act that will go in to effect in 2020 that threatens the health coverage 175 million Americans who receive health coverage through their employers.  While it is known as a “Cadillac Tax” because it’s supposed to hit “luxury” health plans, in reality, it’s a crappy mini-van tax that disproportionately targets women simply because they happen to have higher health care costs, not because they have fancy health plans.
To celebrate women, and protect their health coverage, tell Congress to repeal the “Cadillac Tax.”
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